Three Steps To Fix My Mental Health

It is no secret that mental health can be challenging to maintain. Everyone has their struggles, but you can take steps to improve your mental health and make yourself feel better. In this article, I will go over three important tips for how to fix my mental health:

1) get enough sleep

The first step to fixing my mental health was getting enough sleep. My days were usually too busy for me to get the hours of rest I needed. Sometimes, even when I got a good night’s sleep, it wasn’t enough because of some other stressful event.

I also found that sleep can significantly impact my mental health when I started napping during the day to make up for lost time at night.

2) eat healthy food

The second step to fixing my mental health was eating healthier foods. I am a very picky eater, and it is good for me to focus on the food groups that I need more of to feel better, like fresh vegetables or fruits.

If you find yourself struggling with eating healthy, I recommend going to the grocery store and making a list of what you need.

When my diet was unhealthy, it made me feel worse mentally because I would have mood swings or anxiety from not eating well.

3) talk with a therapist or trusted friend about your feelings.

The third and final step I took to help fix my mental health was talking with a therapist or trusted friend about how I felt. The people in your life are the ones who can help you through tricky times, so they need to know what’s going on in your head.

This doesn’t mean they can’t fix your mental health, but it is vital to vent and get things off your chest.

how to fix my mental health When you share with others, they can offer advice or just help make you feel better about what’s going on in the moment. Be safe. Ask for help.