What is Audiometry Baseline Testing?

If you’re living in Toowoomba, you may have come across Audiometry Baseline testing. It’s a type of hearing test that measures the softest sounds you can hear at different frequencies. Audiometry Baseline testing can be useful to establish a baseline hearing level for someone who may be exposed to noise in the workplace or during recreational activities.

Who Needs Audiometry Baseline Testing Toowoomba?

People who work in industries such as construction, manufacturing, or music may need routine Audiometry Baseline testing. This test helps detect early signs of hearing damage caused by noise exposure. Workers who are regularly exposed to loud noises may be at risk of noise-induced hearing loss, which can lead to permanent damage if left untreated.

How is Audiometry Baseline Testing Toowoomba Conducted?

Audiometry Baseline testing is typically conducted in a sound booth using headphones. The test involves listening to a series of tones played at different frequencies and volume levels. The hearing specialist will ask you to indicate when you hear a tone by pressing a button or raising your hand.

Audiometry Baseline testing Toowoomba is an essential part of hearing health for people who face regular exposure to noise. If you’re concerned about your hearing, speak to your healthcare provider or an audiologist to schedule an Audiometry Baseline test.