Benefits Of Professional Lighting Design

The benefits of good lighting design in a building are many. The most important is that it can make a building more aesthetically pleasing and hence improve its market value. In the case of an office, good lighting increases worker satisfaction and productivity, reducing absenteeism and increasing profits. However, there are other benefits of professional lighting design such as :

  • Contributes to the building’s general ambiance.
  • Creates a pleasant environment conducive to work and can help lower blood pressure. Studies show that workers exposed to continuous fluorescent lighting suffer from fatigue, eye strain, headaches, and irritability. Exposure to natural light has been shown to relieve or prevent such conditions. In addition, a pleasant but functional lighting scheme can increase worker satisfaction and productivity.
  • Enhances the architectural design of a building.
  • Saves energy by emitting more light from less wattage.
  • Improves safety by providing better vision in dark corners.

A well-planned lighting scheme based on an understanding of how light interacts with objects can provide improved safety and security without resorting to excessive or wasteful use of lighting.