What Should I Take With Me To Accident And Injury Lawyer?

Before you meet your accident and injury lawyer for the first time, you should gather any official documents relating to the accident and injury, along with a list of your medical bills and the details about any other insurance policies that you may be carrying. Ask if you can see the medical receipts and review your insurance policy, giving you a clearer picture of what you are covered for. This will make things easier for your accident and injury lawyer when he or she reviews your claim.

It is important to get the names and contact numbers of all those who witnessed the accident, as this information will come in handy during your meeting with your accident and injury lawyer. Your accident lawyer will also review the police report, which details the details of the accident. You need to ensure that all the details are correct and note whether there were any witnesses to the accident. This information will help your accident and injury lawyer build up a strong case against the other party.