How State And Local Governments Make Decisions: The Role Of Public Opinion

When it comes to state and local government decision making, public opinion can play a huge role. For example, if a state or local government is considering raising taxes, they may poll the public to see how they feel about it. If the majority of people are against the tax hike, then the state or local government may decide not to go through with it.

Public opinion can also be used to gauge support for different policies. For instance, if a state is thinking about enacting a new law, they may first do a survey to see if there is public support for it. If there is strong public backing for the policy, then the state is more likely to move forward with it.
So as you can see, public opinion can have a big impact on state and local government decision-making. The next time you hear about government policy, remember that the opinion of the public can play a role in whether or not it is enacted.

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