Disabled And Looking For Work: Three Tips To Help

You may not be disabled, but if you know anyone who is disabled and looking for work, this article is for them. It’s a difficult job market out there, so it can feel like all the odds are stacked against disabled individuals. But that doesn’t mean they can’t find success in their search! Here are three tips to help find jobs more easily:

  • The first step is to research your desired industry or company before sending out resumes or filling out applications. That way, you will understand what positions might be available and whether you have the skills to apply.
  • When applying for a position, make sure that your cover letter includes information about how your disability has impacted previous employment. Explain what accommodations you need to succeed in your current job.
  • Finally, disabled people should be realistic about their desired salary expectations and the positions they apply for. The average disabled person makes less than $14,000 a year, so if you want a six-figure position or more money than that, it’s best to know before starting the application process.
    Disabled and looking for work is no easy task. Many disabled people out there struggle to find a job, and it’s not because they’re disabled; it’s just difficult in general.
    Find an organization or company that offers jobs specifically for disabled people. Use your skills to apply for other jobs with accommodations made (like using voice recognition software). Ask your doctor about any assistance programs they offer in their office – some offices offer resume assistance as well!