What You Need To Know About Stair Handrails In Wollongong

Stair handrails wollongong: Stair handrails are a necessity for staircases to ensure safety. But, some can be more dangerous than helpful. There are many different types of stair rails, and the one you choose depends on your staircase and how much usage it will get.

  • Handrail height should be measured from the top of stair treads to the bottom of the rail
  • A newel post is necessary at every turn or change in direction that has a steeper slope than 10 degrees
  • You need to remember that stairways with narrow treads may require heavier duty products like steel pipe

Stair handrails provide a secure way to hold onto while you make your way up or down the stairs, and they also help prevent accidents from happening.

Choose a railing design based on your needs – metal or wood? Know how to keep it clean and look good.