The Benefits Of Hemp Straw Bedding

Hemp is grown specifically for industrial use. Although a variety of cannabis sativa, it has none of the properties associated with marijuana. Hemp is one of two very fastest growing plants on Earth. Including bamboo, hemp is full grown within 60 days of planting. Consequently, Hemp is a very sustainable product and very eco-friendly.

Hemp straw is the stalk cut into fine pieces. Hemp straw bedding has many positive properties that make it the ideal product for lining pet beds. Hemp is ultra-absorbent. It can hold four times its weight. Hemp produces extraordinarily little dust, so it’s great for animals with respiratory problems. It also reduces odors. Plus, it’s very biodegradable.

In only three to six months, hemp straw will completely decompose. So, when it’s time to change your animal bedding, throw it out back in the yard. In a manner of months, there will be no sign that it ever existed.