Exploring Sensations: How to Try Sensation Play

Are you looking for a way to add some excitement and spice to your intimate life? Perhaps you want to try something different, something that will heighten your senses and take you to new pleasures. That’s where sensation play comes in.

Sensation play is all about exploring and stimulating your senses using various stimuli. It involves using different objects or techniques to create a range of sensations on your partner’s body. It can be as simple as using a feather, massage oil, or ice cubes, or more adventurous with floggers, paddles, and nipple clamps.

To safely engage in sensation play, you should establish boundaries, choose your tools wisely, and have a clear safeword. Make sure to communicate with your partner throughout the session and regularly check-in to keep everyone comfortable.

Remember that sensation play is not about pain but pleasure. It’s important to take things slowly, start with lighter touches, and gradually build up intensity. Don’t forget to avoid erogenous zones, wounds, or sensitive areas.

Sensation play can be an incredibly intimate and bonding experience between partners. It allows you to explore new sensations, ignite your imagination, and create a deeper level of trust.

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