Seeking Help for Post-Birth Blues

Arriving home after pregnancy doesn’t always guarantee maternal happiness. The experience can be a roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes, new mothers may start to perceive negative feelings and mood swings which are symptomatic of postnatal depression.

Postnatal depression can affect a woman’s capability to appreciate or look after her baby. All the support and aid available — from family, friends or healthcare professionals—might not be enough to help the new mother successfully navigate this overpowering and gloomy experience. This is where postnatal depression counselling can help.

It is optimal to start with a referral to a medical professional who is able to recognize and diagnose postnatal depression. This can be done by speaking to a primary healthcare physician who will refer the mother to a psychologist, counselor or psychiatrist.

Counseling may seem daunting, but it is merely a conversation with a professional who understands what the new mother is going through. Counseling sessions are places where the new mother can share her experiences and feelings in a positive and understanding environment.

The benefits of postnatal depression counselling can’t be overstated — it can help lessen the symptoms of postnatal depression and offers effective strategies to help improve the mother’s mental state, including practical techniques to regain self-worth and self-confidence. Don’t suffer alone. Postnatal depression counselling is here to help.