Audiometry Testing To Measure Hearing Loss

Workplace audiometry testing gold coast: Audiometry testing is a workplace safety requirement for any workplace with machinery that may generate sounds. The workplace must have an audiometer on-site to measure the hearing levels of employees who are exposed to hazardous noise levels during their work shifts. Audiometry tests are conducted by qualified professionals, following strict guidelines set out in legislation and workplace health and safety policies.

-The workplace should make arrangements for the test ahead of time so it can schedule a date with the audiologist

-The employee will need to complete some paperwork before they take the test

-They will also need someone from their workplace who has been trained as an assistant tester or another person without hearing disabilities. Still, both supervisors and managers should not be assistants.

Audiometry testing is a workplace health and safety regulation that helps protect workers from the risk of hearing loss. It also provides employers with an opportunity to reduce workplace accidents by ensuring all their staff has fully functioning ears!