3 Fun Card Games To Play With Your Friends

Have fun with your friends by playing card games.
Here are three fun card game ideas that will help you and your buddies have a blast:

1) Crazy Eights- One player starts with eight cards, and the goal is to discard every card in your hand before anyone. When you have a card that someone has already played (or discarded), then you can pick it up instead.

2) War- In this fun variation of classic war, players take turns selecting two matching cards from their hands. The higher value card wins both cards, and each time a card is taken, it’s placed on top of the one already in play so that everyone can see who won which round.
If the same pair is picked up by two or more players, then all those cards are put out of play until someone picks up another matching set (or the last player picks up their final card).

3) UNO- This is a fast-paced, fun, and easy-to-learn card game. You need to match up cards in order from one through nine, so they are all gone before the other players do this too.

Choose your favorite group of friends and family and try all these fun card games. You will have fun. Just remember, UNO can get intense, so be careful.