Gluten Free Pizza Bases

The Gluten Free Pizza Bases is the perfect deal. The crust feels tastes and looks like the normal pizza. Actually, there are no strange ingredients used and no complicated procedure required. Being gluten intolerant doesn’t mean you don’t have to enjoy the real pizza ever again. The gluten free dough recipe is a great game changer.

The gluten free base is a modified version of the contemporary pizza dough. It entails the use of xanthum gum, baking powder, salt, gluten free flour, yeast, a pinch of sugar and lukewarm water; nothing complicated. The xanthum gum ensures that the dough has some degree of elasticity. However, it cannot totally replace the gluten and that’s where the baking powder swings into action to boost elasticity.

Making this type of dough follows the usual procedure. The end result is quite sticky but that’s okay since it needs more moisture so as to rise well and to prevent too much dryness.