Merits Of The Springless Trampoline

Trampolines are a hugely popular addition to many homes, but there have been some concerns with regards to safety after several injuries have been sustained from various mishaps. The springless trampoline goes a long way towards eliminating these risks, with improved design features. There is no steel frame within the jumping area and the netting is actually attached to the edge, stopping the chance of sliding through.

The bounce on these trampolines is safer too, as flexible mat rods allow for a smoother action, which gives greater height to jumps by transferring energy back to the jumper. It is also much gentler on the knees, ankles elbows, and wrists.

Springless trampolines come in three different shapes: the traditional round, a more dynamic square, and a larger oval. Ground anchors can be attached, which are very useful if the trampoline is set up on the uneven ground.