Selecting The Right A3 Multifunction Printer

You will need an A3 multifunction printer for printing large documents such as small blueprints, leaflets and posters. Common A4 printers can print only on A4 size paper. Large documents require large-format printers. The A3 printer is specially designed to handle such documents and papers. These printers are generally used in commercial and professional settings. A wide range of A3 printers with different features and specifications are available in this range.

A small A3 printer can hold up to 300 paper sheets in its paper tray. Its multipurpose tray can hold up to 100 sheets of paper. You can add more drawers to expand its paper holding capacity to 2500 sheets. The printer has duplex print, Wi-Fi and other features. You will need a high-end inkjet printer to print in color at high resolution and fast speed. This printer can scan and copy as well. Its touchscreen lets you complete the scanning, copying and printing process without using any external device like computer. You are assured of sharp prints and bold colors. It is suitable for medium sized office.