The Android TV Box, A New Way Of Watching.

Everyone is crazy, or going crazy, about the Android TV Box.

So what is it all about?

An Android TV Box (ATVB) is a device that you connect to your television set and allows you to get, via cyberspace, movies, TV shows, sports channels, Live channels, games, and much more, all in one small package.

The reason for part of the name being android is the best description of the operating system that fully powers this amazing entertainment hub.

As per the varieties of television sets and other android cell phones out there.

These ATVB also comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and names, and each has the basic same functions but some do stand out against others offering extra features unique to that specific model and designs.

Even though some gets globally distributed by some of the world’s most well known electronic and television name brands we do get some that are your “GENERIC” brands coming out of China.

The most popular of these boxes is an inexpensive small plastic rectangular shaped device which is powered by Android OS.

Once you have “jailbroken ” it will give you access to the most popular and well-known sources of media which will be free whenever you switch on.

As per the open nature policy of the Android Operating System and it’s great variety and popularity, many app developers have been known to use it as well as most box developers as this AOS is one of the easiest access and functionality making it the platform of choice to use.

There are thousands upon thousands of applications available on these ATVB and for those only found out there in cyberspace that can be sideloaded easily and fast onto any device.

This newly developed system called sideloading as a process of downloading onto any android system or device is not only one of the simplest to use but it also allows the user to use any of the applications that was specifically made for that platform and more.

There are other media boxes but they are less popular as per it’s brand names usually alone pushes the price of it way up and it’s functionality not as easy and user-friendly, but the top reason for its unpopularity is that unlike the ATVB which are open systems these other media boxes are all closed systems.

This limits what can be downloaded or watched and the amount of freeware as well.

It is also very important to understand that there are various and different versions of the AOS used for various devices.