Receiving The Quote For A Circuit Board Assembly Project

Printed circuit boards are needed to make electronic products. First the base board is manufactured. It has copper traces and right sized holes to accommodate the electronic and electrical parts. You can order only the fabrication of PCBs or both fabrication and assembling. You have to order circuit board assembly services if you want the PCB maker to mount the parts on the boards as well. The PCB company will first make the boards and then place all components precisely. These components will be soldered at the right places.

A variety of manual and automatic tools are used during this process. Major PCB manufacturers use highly advanced robotic and automatic machines to place and solder the components on the boards. Once the PCB has been assembled, it is put through various tests to detect any fault. Boards are released from the factory only if no faults are found. Submit your PCB design file and some other information online to receive a quote within 24-48 hours