Alcohol Distillation Equipment: What You Need

There are a number of distilleries popping up every day in the US.
Distilling alcohol can become a daunting task if you do not have the right equipment, here are a few pointers on getting the right ones for you.

  1. You Need A Still
    This is the first item you will need in your list of alcohol distillation equipment. In the past, the only kind of Stills one could find were large ones. However, with the growing market, you can get much smaller inexpensive Stills
  2. Buy, Trade or Borrow parts
    To be able to run a Still successfully, there are other parts you will need like fermenters, pumps, cooling systems, tanks and a boiler. Some of these may be expensive so if you can, why not ask to borrow one for some time?
  3. Industrial Pumps
    Even though they may be a bit expensive, these are very important and will last you a longer time compared to the small cheaper ones.