Improving Independence: Tools to Help You Get Up and Go

Remaining independent can be fairly tricky as we get older, but toilet mobility aids have made it easier for folks to care for themselves. If you have fallen a few times, miss-step, or simply have balance issues, you know the fear of falling, particularly in the restroom. Luckily, there are some practical aids to improve your sense of safety and help you move around with confidence.

The first aid that may come to mind is a raised toilet seat. A raised seat positions your knees at a higher angle, making it easier to sit and stand. The raised height decreases the distance you have to move down and up, which decreases the risk of falling, knee pain, and joint strain. Installation is simple as it attaches to the present toilet seat.

If you need more support, you may think of using a toilet safety frame, an adjustable set of handles placed around your toilet. They provide balance and stability, serving as armrests you can use while getting up, sitting down, or shifting positions.

When selecting either aid, look for support, sturdiness, and convenience. Additionally, think about cleanliness and ease of cleaning when assembling a review of the different options available. Remember that investing in a toilet mobility aid that fits your specific needs is part of proactively caring for your well-being.