Why Anime Cosplay Wigs?

With the growth and popularity of Anime comic books, strips, and movies being released globally as it didn’t stay in Japan but because of the American Comic book underground scene accepting this genre of comic and spreading it from there.

Moviemakers and new writers popped up as they saw the potential of making some money, and new forms of ANIME appeared though still sticking to its original Japanese heritage.

With this influx of fame, it spread the Cosplay and Comicon world. Now more and more attendees of these conferences wanted to represent their favorite characters in full regalia.

The anime cosplay uniform was created from this idea and with it the Anime Cosplay Wigs.

The reason for the wigs being such a huge part of the cosplay uniform is the original Japanese Anime and the new American adaption stuck to the winning recipe of unique but strange-looking features like the big hair in any color you can think of.

So when choosing your anime character to impersonate the wig is very important as just like the anime comic it is what makes that character come alive.

With the increase in interest in Cosplay and Comicon reaching all-time highs, so did the design and exactness of the costumes become.

Just like you would not wear a Star Trek insignia on a Star wards character or uniform that you are impersonating, you might even get thrown out or physically manhandled if you do or just plain laughed at, in the same way, you would not wear the wrong wig on your character if you do not want to be ridiculed or become the laughing stock of the Cosplay and Comicon fraternity.

And yes they do take it that seriously and it is not for the “Nerds” anymore.

More and more mainstream people are attending and dressing up for these conferences and with it so did the industry as well as the correctness in the visual image of the replicas to the original characters become a serious business.

And just like when you choose the proper wig that goes with the outfit of a character, in the same way, you have to choose the right character to portray.

It will be comic book sacrilege to portray any character in any way but the original as it is in the book or movie.

So if you want to attend any of these conferences or just your local dress-up party, choose your costume and wig carefully, if you do not want to be the laughing stock of the comic book world.