Essential Oil Perfume Blends

Are you sick of the mass-produced and expensive options at the perfume counter at your local department store? Are you ready to tone down your signature scent and swap it for something more natural, something healthier and something more convenient and affordable?

With many people turning to more natural ways of living, it’s no surprise that essential oils are taking the world by storm. These oils, which are made from natural plant extracts, are used for many different things including mediation purposes, household cleaning and perfumes.

To create your own essential oil perfume blends, you’ll need to acquire some essentials oils and they can be found in health food stores and some department stores and specialty shops. You can also find a wide assortment online. There are many oils available including fruity-scented oils like lemon, flower-scented oils like lavender and sweet-scented oils like vanilla. You can use them alone or mix and match to create a unique scent.