Spectacular Blue Sclera Contacts: Are They Safe?

You might have seen sclera contacts blue on social media or in movies. These contact lenses cover the entire sclera, the white part of your eye, and create an intense and striking effect. Although they look amazing, there are some things to know before purchasing them.

Firstly, it’s important to note that these lenses are not your typical contacts. They’re larger and cover more of your eye, which can lead to discomfort and can make it more difficult to see. Sclera contacts blue should also be prescribed by a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist, just like regular contacts. Buying them from unverified sources could lead to eye infections, conjunctivitis, and blindness.

Another thing to consider is the wear time. Because of their larger size and thickness, sclera contacts can only be worn for a few hours at a time. Additionally, they require special cleaning and storage, as well as proper handling techniques to avoid damaging your eyes.

Lastly, it’s important to note that sclera contacts blue, and any other color contacts, can interfere with your vision. The color tint alters how your eyes perceive light and can make it harder to see in dimly lit areas. Furthermore, contact lenses can cause redness, dryness, and even scratching on the eye’s surface with improper use.

Sclera contacts blue can create a stunning effect, but they require more care and attention than traditional contacts. If you’re interested in wearing them, make sure to consult with an eye care professional to ensure proper fitting and handling. It’s important to prioritize the health of your eyes regardless of how cool something looks.