Filemaker Site License: Important Factors To Consider

A filemaker site license is a powerful tool for file management. It allows users to access and manage their files from one central location. With the FileMaker license, you will have an easier time sharing your files with other team members and being able to update them more effectively.

What should I know about this?

Before purchasing a license, it is essential to consider the license cost, file security, and file backup. FileMaker offers different pricing plans depending on the number of users you have in your company. Although it might be more expensive to purchase a license for an entire team, everyone will have access to all files from one central location without any costly backups or updating procedures that need to occur each time new content is added. In addition, if someone leaves the company, this can help promote more accessible organization within teams and higher productivity when working with large amounts of data because there are no hardware limitations that were present before making changes during previous versions.

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