3 Benefits Of Configuration Management: A Comprehensive Guide

Configuration management is an important aspect of business operations applied to both IT and non-IT-related situations.

Configuration management provides benefits for companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. It improves workflow efficiency, increases availability, and reduces the cost of changes through automation. Configuration Management provides these benefits by ensuring a central location for the storage of configurations required by various systems throughout your organization. It also simplifies upgrades and migrations because once you have it in place, you only need to change one set of configuration files instead of manually changing all your servers or devices.
This article will provide three key reasons why Configuration Management is worth implementing on any size company!

1) It provides control over system configurations
2) It has visibility into all previous changes
3) It increases organizational efficiency

Configuration management provides you with a central location for storing your configurations. It also allows you to execute scripts and other tasks on remote servers, reducing the time it takes to make changes across an organization’s systems, thereby improving workflow efficiency.