Sassy Cute DDLG Clothes

Exactly what are DDLG clothes? They are kinky clothes that have a childlike quality. They are great for women who want to be sexy and shy at the same time. They are girly, cute, adorable and filled with pastel colors. Many people would say that they take on a Kawaii quality. The following are just a few of the things you might see in a DDLG store:

 White silk panties that have pink bows around all edges and a pink furry tail attached in the back
 A pink maid suit that is filled with ruffles and bows
 Provocative adult onesies made in delicate fabrics, pastel colors and sexy sayings with shock value
 A pink onesie made to look like a bunny suit. It is trimmed in white bows and complete with bunny ear straps.
 Fuzzy pink and grey thigh high socks that are made to look like a cute little mouse.