Properties Of Stretch Knit Fabrics

Stretch knits are ideal for making clothing such as sportswear or casual clothing. Both these types of clothing benefit from the comfort factor and knits are generally more comfortable than wovens as they stretch and give way at various points when you bend or stretch.

Stretch knit fabric comes in two-way and four-way stretch. Four-way stretch offers the greatest comfort, as it stretches in every direction. Still, 2-way stretch offers a generous amount of leeway for the wearer of clothing using that type of fabric.

Two-way stretch is frequently used to make stretch jeans or pants. Knits by virtue of their construction are by nature stretchy. The addition of Lycra makes some knits even more stretchy. Lycra is a synthetic elastane fiber that can stretch up to 6 times its original length. When Lycra is added the fabric is far stretchier.