3 Ways To Wear Your Compression Shorts

Do you wear compression shorts for your workouts? If so, there are a few different ways that you can wear them. Here we will discuss three different options and the benefits of each one.

Option 1: compression shorts with no liner – these would be worn just like regular underwear after applying lotion or powder to avoid chafing. The benefit of this option is that it wicks away sweat and moisture, which helps keep your legs dry and prevents bacteria from building up down there. The downside is that they may cause additional discomfort if you have sensitive skin around the crotch area.

Option 2: compression shorts with a liner- these can provide more comfort while still protecting your skin from friction caused by rubbing against clothes during movement. Additionally, compression shorts with liners are great for people who tend to get rashes or skin irritations. The downside is that they may not be as effective at wicking away moisture like compression shorts without liners – this means your legs will stay wet and lead to chafing symptoms.

Option 3: compression shorts with compression gels- these are an excellent option for people who want the benefits of compression gear but don’t like how compression shorts without liners can get sweaty and uncomfortable. Compression gel isn’t as effective at wicking away sweat from your skin, so be aware that you may still feel wet or moist after using compression gels.

Compression shorts are a great way to improve your workout performance and reduce muscle fatigue by increasing blood flow. But compression gear is expensive, so make sure you’re buying the right product for your body type.