3 Must Haves For A Great Pre-Pregnancy Workout

Expecting but unsure of where to begin with your pre-pregnancy workouts? Here are three easy ways to get going…

Choose supportive gear.

A nursing sports bra will not only support your growing breasts but also hold nursing pads in place so that you don’t leak when the baby does come along. Support is half the battle!

Keep the house cool.

When you are pregnant you are not only sensitive to smells but also may tend to get hotter quicker. Make sure to keep a fan running to help you complete your workout comfortably.

Switch up your workouts.

Doing the same workout over and over will become ineffective. Switch up pregnancy safe workouts to keep your body guessing and changing in the direction you want.

As you prepare for baby, remember, a healthy mom can mean a healthy baby. Just remember to be kind to yourself, stick to your limits and remember nine months will go fast enough. You will be able to return to your regular workouts before you know it!