Increase Productivity & Efficiency: Composition Cards

Composition Cards are a new way to make your writing process more efficient. These cards are small, index-card-sized note cards that help you organize ideas and thoughts quickly.

What should I know about this?

Cards were created by the founder of Composition Notebooks, an online stationery store. They work well for creative thinkers who need to keep their thoughts organized without taking up too much space on their desks or in their bags. Cards can be used as flashcards for memorizing facts and information – this is what they’re initially designed for! Cards can be used to help with brainstorming, writing a paper or book, and more! Composition Notebooks also sells Composition Books which are an excellent way for students to keep their notes organized.

Composition cards come in packs of 30 notecards (25 x 75 mm) per pack. They’re available on Composition Notebooks’ website; they are also available at Staples, Hobby Lobby, and other craft stores.
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