Steps To Design Your Own Spare Tire Covers

It is always nice to design your own spare tire covers and make them stand out from the rest. This article will walk you through simple steps that can help create a custom cover for any vehicle.

  • Do a little research on what design styles would work best with your car model.
  • Look for design inspirations online and try to find a design that matches your needs.
  • Find the appropriate tire cover size with some room leftover (usually it is best to purchase one or two sizes larger). This will ensure you get full coverage on your spare tire without having any issues with parking lot dings.
  • Use photos of other custom-designed covers as inspiration for your design
  • Create a list of colors, fonts, symbols, or patterns that you want to include in the design.

Designing your spare tire covers can save you money, and it’s also a way to express yourself through the art you put on the cover.