3 Important Points About Paint Protection Film

Do you want to paint your car or motorcycle? Do you know the importance of paint protection film on a new paint job? If not, then this article is for you.

What is a paint protection film?

A paint protection film is what you put on your paint job to protect it from the elements. It’s a thin, transparent coating that goes over your paint and protects it against scratching, bird droppings (that white stuff), bug guts (those yellow spots), and all sorts of other things that can ruin a beautiful paint job.

There are three essential points about paint protection film that we will discuss in this post.

1) It acts as a barrier between the paint and the environment, which means it protects your investment from harmful UV rays and can make any scratches easier to repair.

2) It also helps keep dirt off of your vehicle by acting as an additional layer of paint.

3) Paint protection film reduces water spots caused by road salt during winter months and keeps vehicles cleaner overall!

Ask for your paint protection film automatic car wash every time you take your car for cleanup. That way, your vehicle will always be clean and protected.