Types Of VW Carbon Fibre Parts You Can Buy

If you own a Volkswagen vehicle, then you should buy fibre parts for it. Here are a few VW carbon fibre parts you can purchase:

Bumper Protectors & Grill Covers

Protectors for the bumper and grill covers are both available in carbon fibre. If you want to protect your bumper and grill, then consider getting carbon fibre covers and protectors.


If you want a spoiler that will last a longtime, then buy one that is made from carbon fibre. It will perform very well, and it looks impressive. Once you have this type of spoiler, you won’t go back to ones made with other materials.

Mirror Covers

There’s also covers for mirrors. The covers are durable and will do a good job at protecting your mirrors.

From mirror covers to spoilers, bumper protectors and grill covers; There are many carbon fibre parts you can buy for your VW.