3 Ways To Create Bold And Eye-catching Abstract Art

When most people think of abstract art, they think of paintings or sculptures that are colorful and undefined. Abstract art can be more than that, though! It can be any artwork where the artist has chosen to depart from reality and create something completely new. This article will explore three ways to create bold and eye-catching abstract art. Let’s get started!

One way is by using bright colors. This can be done by painting with colorful paints or using colorful objects in your sculpture.

Another way to add boldness is by adding interesting textures. This can be accomplished by using different materials or manipulating the materials you are using in interesting ways.

Finally, you can create bold and eye-catching abstract art by adding interesting shapes. This can be done by cutting out shapes from paper or fabric or using found objects to create new shapes.

By following these three tips, you will be well on your way to creating colorful abstract art of your own!