Feeding your Human Pup

The world of puppy play can look complicated, but you have to conform to the norm—one of the norms is pup feeding.

You should never feed your human pup actual dog food because it is unfit for human consumption. However, they require human food, and if it is their only source of nutrition, it must be a nutritious and well-balanced diet. You can quickly “transform” their human food into dog food, but be sure to include all food groups.

If your pup eats like humans, but you want to include something messy in your play to help with the illusion, try using something sloppy like a canned stew or dry cereal like Cheerios. In addition, blending practically anything can result in it resembling dog food.

Allow lots of water for your pup to drink; running about can be thirsty work. Feeding and watering your pup from a bowl on the floor can help them develop a positive attitude. It’s worth noting that the two bowls must be kept separate.