Channeling Sessions: The Process Of Interacting With Spirits

Channeling is a process of interacting with spirits. Channelers focus their energy on the spirit world and connect with beings from there to get messages, heal illness, or answer questions about life on earth. Channelers can also be known as mediums. Channeling sessions are usually done through three different methods: mental channeling, astral projection, or physical contact with someone already dead. This article will discuss what each technique entails and how it differs from the others.

Mental Channeling

The primary way people do this is by going into a deep meditation where they tune out all outside thoughts and impressions to have an open mind for receiving messages from spirits. This is done in either a seated or standing position. The channeler will usually hold their hands out with the palms up and wait for the confidence to make contact. Sometimes people might see pictures, symbols or hear words in their minds when spirits are trying to communicate with them.

Astral Projection

This method is similar to mental channeling but involves more of the senses. In astral projection, the person’s consciousness leaves their body and goes into an astral plane. Here they can interact with spirits more freely and often receive messages through visions, sounds, or emotions.

Physical Contact

In this method, the channeler comes into physical contact with a spirit in order to communicate. This can be done by sitting in the same room as a disembodied spirit or by holding an object they owned. Channelers can also sometimes see spirits through materializing themselves, appearing to be made of ectoplasmic matter.

To conclude, channeling sessions are great ways for you to communicate with spirits, but there can be negative consequences if done incorrectly! Make sure you know what you’re doing before attempting to Channel!