The Different Clothing you need for your Puppy play  


It is a long-lasting material, and it will last for many years. Keep in mind that many mosh have strict laws against wearing metal accessories on your outfit.

Pups have been forced to remove their leather apparel because it included studs or spikes that could damage another dog.

Spandex of Honor

 Spandex is the ideal combination of strength and versatility when it comes to fetish clothing for puppy play. It’s simple to put on, inexpensive, and durable enough to endure your puppy’s vigorous play. Lots of people wear it most of the time for events and pleasure.

Because most suits are machine washable, this is also the most accessible material to clean. Puppies appear to sweat a lot as they play, so this is perfect for them. Some basic sewing skills are required to fix it when the apparel tears.