Roles Played by Handlers and their pups

In the handler-pup relationship, one party is dominant while the other is submissive. The   dominant one is referred to as “Alphas.” The submissive is referred to as “Gammas” or “Omegas,” depending on how submissive they are.

 Some are nicknamed “Betas” because they are in the center. You can be a “switch” and switch between various roles based on your mood, environment, or the other puppies you’re engaging with.

 What role do handlers play? Handlers dominate the entire pack of puppies, but handlers can also be switches, so don’t assume they are all dominant. As a handler, you can take a commanding position over your pup and be the boss

 Don’t allow anyone to put you in a box, no matter what you do. It may take some time to figure out where you belong, but the decision is ultimately yours. Take it now!