A Poker Night for the Buck

The odds are in your favor because you have the ultimate buck party staring at you: bucks in-room poker party. A $100 poker night will make you feel like a King, from teaching newcomers the basics to eyeing the group’s card counters.

Is there a more excellent way to waste money on a Saturday night than sitting around playing cards with the guys?

Choose from high-rollers or in-room poker events, and get a lingerie-clad angel with cards, chips, and tits to the table. Your extra exceptional waitress will keep your tummy full and your drink fuller as you practice your poker face at the table.

Although it is not Vegas, the same rules apply. A Bucks Poker Night is a Bucks Poker Night, and what happens there remains there. More ideas here.

What a way to enjoy your bucks party night! Embrace it.