Custom Trucker Hats: How To Design And Order Your Own

Looking for a unique way to show your personality? Custom trucker hats might be the perfect solution! So whether you’re looking for a new promotional item or just a fun new accessory, read on for all you need to know about these hats!

What are these Hats?

Custom hats are, simply put, baseball caps with mesh backs. They first became popular in the 1970s as a functional item for farmers and truck drivers, who needed a breathable option to keep cool in the summer heat. But it wasn’t long before these hats caught on with the general public as well! And today, they remain a popular choice for both men and women of all ages.

One of the great things about these hats is that they offer a lot of room for creativity. The front panel of these hats is usually made from cotton or polyester, which means they can be easily printed on.

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