The Silver Quarter: What Is It? How Much Is It Worth?

When people think about silver coins, they often imagine silver dollar value. This is understandable when you see a silver quarter in person because it looks like half of a silver coin.

What’s more, not all silver quarters have any silver content at all! So how can you tell if there is something valuable about your old coin? Find out in this article!

This article will cover:

1) What is The history of the Silver Quarter and its design?

The silver quarter was minted from 1892 to 1916. It is worth much less than the silver dollar counterpart, but not all silver quarters have any silver content at all!

This means: Some people may throw these coins away because they believe it has no value. Others might find them and think there’s silver content.

2) What is a silver quarter value?

If you have a silver coin with an “O” variety, it’s also more valuable because of its unique design. These coins can be anywhere from $5 to $20 if they are from 1776 to 1976 and are in mint. The silver quarter is worth more than a nickel and less than the silver dollar.

Silver quarters made before the 1960s had 90% silver in then.

3) Are silver quarters still use today?

No silver quarters are in circulation anymore. The coins were created to replace the silver dollar, which was discontinued for having too much silver content. Nowadays, quarters are made with little to no silver at all.

To learn any coin value, check the date and the letter “S,” which implies that it was made with silver.