Shungite Jewellery Australia: Uncovering Choices And Benefits

Shungite is a type of stone. Shungite pieces are created to be beautiful as well as powerful. This article will give you the low-down on Shungite, including its benefits and where to find a Shungite jewelry in Australia.

1) What is Shungite?

It is a type of stone, which is mined in Russia and Canada. Shungite has been used for hundreds of years due to its supposedly healing properties.

2) Benefits of Shungite jewelry?

Shungite jewelry is created to be both beautiful and powerful. Shungite has specific benefits for the wearer, such as removing negative energy, stress relief, anti-aging properties, balance in life, etc.

3) Where can I buy Shungite jewellery Australia?

The Angara store in Australia sells Shungite, and the cost goes from $300 up to $1500.

Pick up your favorite stone and jewelry from the many choices you have online and look classy and fabulous at your next major event.