How To Spot A Fake Mario Valentino Bag

It’s not always a bad idea to buy a replica designer bag especially if you really want the look, but your current financial status can’t allow you to purchase the authentic one. However, if you are shopping for an authentic handbag, it is very important to check it and ensure it is the real deal. Mario Valentino bags are known for expert workmanship, vibrant colors, and feminine touch. This makes them a major target for counterfeiters. Therefore, before you purchase a Valentino bag, use the following tips to tell if it is authentic or just a fake.

Study an Authentic Bag to Form a Baseline

Before buying a Valentino handbag online or from a retailer that isn’t authorized, make sure you inspect it. Visit a retailer such as Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus to study the bag you wish to purchase. Regardless of the type of Valentino handbag you are interested in, memorize all details, from the type of clasp or zipper pull used to the type of metal studs and hardware. Doing this will help you form a baseline you can use to compare and spot a fake product.

Check the Fabric

When studying the authentic bag, take a look inside it and note the type of fabric used. While Valentino purses, such as the Histoire Patent Tote are lined with cotton fabric, most knock-off artists line the insides with a silkier fabric to create the impression that the handbag is a fancy and expensive one. You can also check the size and number of the interior pockets to spot a fake Valentino.

Study the Logo

Note the style of the nameplate and the metal V on an authentic Valentino bag’s front side. In fake bags, the nameplate may include smudged engraving or even too little or too much detail, while the V may feature elaborate adornments or be in a different font.

Inspect the Stitching

Another way to spot a fake Mario Valentino bag is by inspecting its stitching. Authentic Valentinos have been meticulously stitched, while fake ones may have visible loose threads, rows of double-stitching that aren’t completely parallel, or long and uneven stitches. A genuine Valentino purse’s embellishments and embroidery are precise and do not have loose or missing sequins.

Know the Current and Past Styles

It is always a good idea to know the styles and designs of past Valentinos and also the current trending ones, together with the look of their dust bags and cards. Knowing all these details will help you tell the difference between a fake and an authentic one.