EDC Fountain Pen Is A Compact, Handy, And Convenient Writing Instrument

An EDC fountain pen is a simple, lightweight, one-handed fountain pen with an attached rubber ink sleeve. It is an original design of high quality, leather embossed metal pen, but it has now become known as the “EDC” pen.

These pens come in stainless steel and Titanium, and most come standard in a medium or large nib. A variety of accessories allow the user to add compartments for keys and other personal effects. They may have a dedicated clip that will hold the pen securely on the belt. Also, some models come equipped with a USB flash drive, which will allow the user to easily upload their data to a PC. Along with the standard pen, these devices are usually quite small and can be carried around discreetly.

While the EDC fountain pen may not have been designed specifically for law enforcement use, its small size and design make it perfect for those individuals who need an excellent writing instrument compact and easy to carry.