A Comprehensive Guide To Level 4 Ballistic Shields

Level 4 ballistic shields are the top level of protection available to law enforcement and military personnel. When you need maximum protection, they will provide it.

Level 4 shields protect against bullets from all calibers, including .30-06 armor-piercing rounds fired out of an M1 Garand or a Springfield 1903 rifle. They can stop 12 gauge shotgun slugs, 7.62x54R AP rounds, and 9mm FMJ ammunition with ease!

The level 4 ballistic shield is the most advanced level of ballistic protection available. It offers a level of security that can’t be matched by any other type of shield or armor on the market today.

The level 4 ballistic shield provides military-grade protection against all types of weapons fire, including high-caliber rifles and explosives. This level of ballistic protection is unmatched in the world today. It offers military-grade security that other shields cannot provide.