3 Gut Friendly Foods

What do you think of when you hear gut-friendly foods? Maybe the most gut-friendly food is probiotic yogurt. Probiotics are great for gut health because they help to boost your immune system and fight against harmful bacteria that might try to colonize your gut. However, there are many other gut healthy foods besides yogurt! In this blog post, we will discuss three gut friendly foods:

Fermented vegetables

These vegetables are great for gut health because the fermentation process breaks down the vegetables into a form that your gut can easily digest. The probiotics in fermented vegetables also help to populate your gut with healthy bacteria, which helps to keep your gut flora in balance.


Oats are high in fiber, and they contain beta-glucans, a type of soluble fiber that is especially beneficial for gut health. Beta-glucans help to increase the abundance of good bacteria in your gut while decreasing the number of harmful bacteria. This helps to maintain a healthy gut balance and reduces inflammation throughout your body.


This drink is made from fermented tea, and the gut-friendly bacteria in kombucha helps to populate your gut with healthy gut flora. Kombucha also contains various beneficial acids that keep pathogens and harmful bacteria at bay.

To conclude, gut-friendly foods can help to promote gut health and balance.