Buying A Large Copier

Large size copiers are needed to print architectural drawings, banners, posters, tradeshow graphics, circuit schematics and A3 documents. Such prints cannot be printed with A4 printers. Wide format printers are needed to handle paper measuring 18-100 inches or more in width. A large copier also known as wide format printer can print paper having large width. Its paper tray is designed to stock a large roll of paper for continuous printing.

The computer-controlled copiers can handle time intensive and large printing requirements. They can print continuously for hours once the data has been fed into them. The quality of these printers has improved in recent years thanks to the new technologies that have emerged in the printing industry. Now even large-format printers are capable of printing sharp and crisp images. They can print on a variety of materials including paper, fabric, film and banner. Major printing machine manufactures make different types of copiers in this range. Select a copier based on your printing requirements and budget.