A Brief On Traditional African Art

Traditional African Art dates back to the beginnings of human existence and has been crafted by African artisans for centuries. The exquisite handiwork of the indigenous African people results from their long history of association with the Earth, Mother Nature, and Spirit in their pursuit of perfection in craftsmanship. The artistic creations reflect their rich culture, tradition, and art and are items that have stood the test of time. Today, many fine art pieces have been showcased throughout the world as objects of aesthetic beauty and as valuable gifts for loved ones back home.

Although most pieces of African art were produced centuries ago, they continue to elicit strong reactions from those who see them. One of the most popular pieces of African art that attract art lovers and collectors is the stunning ‘Bantu Art.’

The pieces reflect the way the Bantu people (a tribe of San tribes) used their natural gifts, and the colors in the colors that they used were vibrant, warm, and rich, thus the term Bantu art.