Human Rights In Factories: 3 Points

In human rights, it’s essential to have a good understanding of human rights in your country. You can do this by looking at what human rights violations are happening. This blog post will discuss 3 points on human rights violations in factories that you should be aware of before buying anything made overseas or domestically!

Child labor

The UN estimates between 150 million-200 million children work as child laborers worldwide every day. Even though child labor is illegal everywhere, it still continues to happen. This is because it’s the only way for families to make money and survive in a lot of cases. In factories, children are often forced to work long hours and are exposed to dangerous working conditions. They’re also at risk of being sexually assaulted or harassed by their supervisors.

Health and safety

In many factories, workers aren’t given proper safety gear or training on using machinery properly. As a result, they often get injured on the job. Many times, these injuries are severe and can lead to lifelong disabilities. Factories also tend to be very dirty and dusty, which can cause respiratory problems among workers.


Workers in factories often don’t earn a livable wage. This means that they can’t afford to buy food, clothing, and shelter. They may also be denied access to medical care when they get sick or injured at work.

To conclude, human rights in factories need to be taken more seriously by factory owners. Workers should always have access to proper safety gear and training on how to use machinery properly, so they don’t get injured while working.