Imagine baking cannabis into a cookie without people having to taste the texture of plant matter in what they would prefer to just be cookies. A great way to improve cooking while removing the leaves and flowers is to infuse cooking oil or butter and then use those in recipesContinue Reading

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Wigs can fit the bill in a pinch. When you have an appointment, a date, or an occasion when you need to look your best, a wig can come in handy. Most have tried wigs with hair color different than their natural hair, but a red wig could incentivize youContinue Reading

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Cannabidiol or CBD is available abundantly in cannabis. Isolated CBD has been used medicinally for a long time. It is used to get relief from pain, depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. This non-psychoactive substance is extracted from hemp. It stimulates the body systems and promotes good health. The high-quality CBDContinue Reading

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