Understanding The Working Of Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

In Turnkey PCB Assembly Services, a single outsourced company does the works of all the production stages. Here, they don’t outsource all the manufacturing components through several vendors and hope everything is coming together smoothly, rather than enjoying a one-stop process. We call it turnkey because it arrives at our doors, ready for being turned on and used. Turnkey PCB manufacturers have a group with a variety of capabilities. They need to prioritize responsive communication practices and cost-efficiency.

Procedures of Turnkey PCB Assembly

There are many stages for PCB assemblies using a turnkey manufacturing system. The practical steps include sourcing parts, design assistance, modeling, testing, prototyping, obsolescence management, aftermarket services.

The company completes all of these stages into a single contract manufacturing service. The procurement and sourcing teams do all the necessary work. The design team completes the design and prepares essential files such as Gerber file, PCB file, Bill of Material (BOM), etc. After that, the production team does the assembly. Here, they assemble the boards by machines, solder the components. As they make the PCBs, the QC team does all the quality checks of the PCBs. There are also QC activities during production. After all these, the employees pack and ship the PCBs for delivery. There’s also a service team for after-sale supports. In short, this is the overall procedure of turnkey PCB assembly.

Benefits of Turnkey PCB Assembly

Turnkey PCB assembly provides many benefits. It ensures shorter production times. As one company is doing all the work, it requires limited production channels. Sourcing components are much simpler to manage as a single group is sourcing components. This system ensures fewer errors. It’s because if they use multiple companies for PCB assembly, they expect compatibility and communication issues. When communication lapses, mistakes can happen. But with a turnkey PCB assembly group, the outsourcing group has an established system to move a project from one step to another.

The design department and the manufacturing department know how to work together and share relevant information. Again, there are also cost-saving issues. Doing PCB assembly piecemeal style will result in higher production costs as it takes longer transportation and shipping times. Turnkey PCB assembly saves the company from these problems.

Turnkey PCB assembly services provide an effective and cost-saving way for assembling and testing PCBs. This system also provides a solution to the companies to receive PCBs within the shortest possible times.